Dear friends, GD-Home decided to share its experience in creating DIY book covers. We created it together friendly team. Was it fun, but did the result exceed all expectations? So, let’s begin!

First, I’d like to talk about the delights of an e-book, Well, we really like her. First of all, books to download are very a lot of. There seems to be no book that cannot be found on-line, with the exception of the rare specimens that can be found only in the library and city archive. Second, practicality no one, we think, will dispute. The only thing that is a serious drawback is the lack of pages. Sometimes I really want to to support a yellowed book, but alas, the need for reading the price of pleasure rises too. We, for example, without electronic books are nowhere, but sometimes still indulge yourself with paper nice smelling pages!

An idea with an original cover appeared immediately after the long-awaited gift.

The vast Internet plantations had to be searched, but alas something interesting was never found. Although now we understand that it only benefited. As a result, this wonderful notebook prompted everything myself.

What you need: – a notebook of a suitable size – glue PVA, glue stick – stationery knife – thick paper – tape – a little patience?


Step one: First you need to glue everything notepad notes are a rather long and unappealing occupation. But This must be done in a quality manner. To do this, use glue stick, as the paper will curl less than with the use of conventional PVA.

At least a day is necessary for drying at room temperature. Never dry the notebook on or near the radiator, as it is likely that unwanted waves. And do not forget to crush the notebook with something heavy.


Step Two: In the notebook, cut out the rectangle, whose dimensions will correspond to the length, width and height books.

do-it-yourself tablet book cover


how to make a cover for an e-book with your own hands

Step Three: Since the edges do not look pretty carefully, they must be hidden. First glue the corners to white paper was not at all noticeable.

do-it-yourself reading case

Step Four: Now hide the cut part with glue and thick paper of the same color.


Front view


The view from the wrong side

Step Five: Don’t forget about the tape, which necessary for conveniently removing a book from its case. For this through cut the bottom and pull out the ribbon, then glue it.

TESTED BY EXPERIENCE! The paper is pretty thick, but nevertheless, with a constant raising of the book in places of slits, the ribbon will tear the edges. Therefore, in this place, put under the bottom and stick a small piece of cardboard (there is no photo of this step, as we completed this process a few days later).


covers for electronic books


We are delighted with the work done. Still can’t understand how we did it. In reality, it was not only difficult but also fun. Create and get inspired!

Heather Thompson
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