Today we want to introduce you to one talented needlewoman, young mother and our reader Victoria Podvalnaya. About us It combines all these activities with pleasure and treats with love to your business. Victoria has prepared a master class on Easter holiday decorating the easter basket, which we decided to publish on the pages of our magazine. P.S. In addition, she is a Poltava citizen, and to compatriots we have a special weakness 🙂

What you need: – a small wicker basket; – fabric (cotton); – filler (holofiber, synthetic winterizer, cotton wool); – bamboo skewers; – acrylic paints for drawing on fabrics or black gel pen; – Styrofoam; – sisal (it can be to get in a floristic salon); – empty quail eggs (previously carefully remove the contents from them, wash and dry); – satin ribbons, miniature paper flowers and berries, lace and others (for decoration); – thermal gun or glue “Moment Crystal “; – pencil; – thin brush, toothpick; – knife; – cardboard; – needle, thread; – scissors; – wooden shelf.

Two bunnies and easter egg

1. For this we need a fabric of three shades (two pastel cuts – for hares, brighter for an egg), three bamboo skewers and filler.

2. Transfer the image of the rabbit and the egg to the cardboard, then cut out. Fold the fabric in half with a simple pencil apply a pattern and sew along the contour both parts, leaving below hole 1.5-2 cm.

3. Then cut the textile blanks, backing away from the edge of 5 mm. Using a wooden stick (a bamboo stick is ideal for sushi) carefully turn out all the details, paying special attention ears, paws and ponytails of rabbits.

4. Stuffing toys costs the same wooden stick. The filler may be a holofiber, cut into small pieces of synthetic winterizer, cotton wool.

5. Rabbits and an egg are attached to the basket using bamboo skewers. Lubricate one side of the skewer with glue and insert to a depth of 2 see the toy.

6. Use matching thread color to sew the hole in a hidden seam.

7. Next, start drawing the eyes of rabbits. Do it thin brush and black acrylic paint for drawing on fabric (or a black gel pen). When the paint dries well, with a toothpick you need to put a highlight (a small white dot).

8. The final stage in the manufacture of textile toys – decoration. For decoration small pieces of lace, satin are suitable thin ribbons, paper miniature flowers, beads, beads, etc.

Basket decoration

1. To do this, you need the basket itself and polystyrene.

2. First, draw an oval on the foam sheet (or circle – depends on the shape), which can fit inside the basket, and then cut it out. The distance from the edge of the basket to the foam should be about 3 cm, so the foam layer can be made double. 3. Using a heat gun (or glue “Crystal Moment”) stick sisal to the foam.

4. Finished textile toys must be inserted into foam base. Cut the excess length of the skewers with a knife.

5. Using a heat gun, glue the quail to the sisal the eggs.

6. The case is left to the small. Decorate your basket with satin ribbons, paper flowers or miniature berries.

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