Design a house inside: search for a project 50+ photos

Home interior design: search for a project 50+ photos

Making the interior design of the house, there is much more questions about when it comes to apartments. Scale of work considerable are expected. In this article, we will try to help you figure it out. with design style.

Today, home design can be made in one of numerous styles: Scandinavian, English, Provence, Rustic, chalet, in the popular eclectic style, etc. The choice of style does not depend not only from your financial capabilities, but also from physical parameters of the house.

We create an internal house design together

Modern household appliances and electronics are able to make dissonance in the interior design of a wooden house, they are bad fit into most of the styles that a tree dictates as finishing material. Mounting the equipment and hiding it behind decorative panels, you can solve this problem.

Interior design of the house

Chalet style in the interior

Modern design of a private house

The interior of a country house

interior decoration of a wooden house

Bedroom in a wooden house

Attic room

attic bathroom

Attic bathroom

home interior design

The main features of wooden houses

• A combination of natural materials (stone and wood) • Rough simplicity in forms and details • Massive wooden beams on the ceiling • An abundance of spotlight • Natural textile

home design photo

Rustic style house

design of a country house

Wooden house design

home design inside

Project author Inna Khlebtsevich

Furniture and decor in a chalet house

Do not use bright or too catchy colors, adhere to restrained tones and natural shades. The internal content of the house should be in harmony not only in the ratio of rooms to each other, but also with the external environment. In such the project will fit perfectly overall, artificially aged or antique furniture with leather or textile upholstery.

Massive sofa in the living room, large traditional bed with simple bedside tables in the bedroom, large dining table with heavy chairs, wicker chairs, chest of drawers and wardrobe with carvings in the design – here is the basic set of furniture without which the chalet style will seem incomplete.

chalet design

Fireplace in the interior

home interior photo

The floor can be covered with long-pile carpets or natural skin that will give the interior a resemblance to a hunting lodge. Use all kinds of textiles in accessories and room filling – a variety of pillows of any size, soft rugs and bedspreads from wool, natural upholstery, curtains made of linen and cotton – going overboard in these details will be difficult.


The interior of the house must be made of wood from furniture and decoration elements as close as possible to natural materials on the invoice and coloring.

The stone in the design is organically combined with wooden surfaces. For example, in the photo we see a wall of stone in complete with wooden ceiling beams.

Synthetic fabrics and plastic, as well as objects of modern art, should not be present in the interior of a wooden house. Remember that the first chalet houses were created by highlanders, therefore simplicity and conciseness of forms with an emphasis on the naturalness of materials should become the basis of the interior.

chalet style

Country house design

chalet style houses

Beautiful home design

chalet style interior

Chalet style house

chalet style in the interior

Interior design of a wooden house

chalet style house interior

Living room with fireplace

Luxurious interior

chalet interior

Chalet style interior

style chalet photo

Interior design of a small private house

do-it-yourself chalet-style interior

Modern home design

chalet style

Design rooms in the house

Design created by Prosperity

interior of a wooden house

Lighting role

The original version of the chalet style does not use the top lighting in the form of a central chandelier or lamp, because the light should remain muffled and even intimate. But modern style adaptations allow warm lighting in the center of the room, fixed on one of the beams on the ceiling.

Preference should be given to spotlights, local illumination of kitchen working surfaces, floor lamps and floor lamps in living room and bedroom. Separately think through the mantelpiece lighting zones.

design of a wooden house

Design of a country house inside

interiors of wooden houses

Living room with panoramic windows

bar house interior

Cottage Design

home design inside

The interior of country houses

Small house design

interior in a wooden house

Home interior design

interior of a wooden house made of timber

Attic bedroom

interior design of a wooden house

Nursery in the house

interior wooden house photo

Cozy bedroom

interior decoration of the house of timber

Home Design Inside

design of a private house inside the photo

Interior by Lavka-Design Studio

Interior design of a country house

bathroom in a wooden house

Home interior

Modern private houses

design of a wooden house inside

Bedroom decoration

Children for two

design of a house from a bar inside

Chalet style bedroom

interior of a wooden house inside a photo

Bedroom in the country

Beautiful bedroom

home interior design

Modern house in the mountains

Bedroom with luxurious views

living room in the attic

Design of a house from a bar

finish wooden house inside

Attic floor

Stylish interior

interior interior of the house of timber

Provence in the interior

wooden houses interior

Country Style Bedroom Design

Design of a house from a bar inside

interior design of a wooden house photo

Bathroom in a wooden house

cottage design inside

Log home design

interior of a rustic wooden house

Private house interior design

interior of a log house

Two-story house design

The author of the project is Panda Studio

private house design inside

Modern country house

interior design of a wooden house

Horns in the interior

Home decoration

log house design

Loft style in the interior

interiors of wooden houses from a log

Interior design of a wooden house

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