DIY gift baskets: 22 ideas


You can collect a tasty and healthy basket for mom, girlfriend, husband, even grandmother. If the design of the gift basket is your own hands will not cause tears (or at least a long “Ah”) for the gifted :), we will refund your money. Seriously, we refuse to believe into the existence of such indifferent people.

DIY gift basket decoration

To create such a gift you will need much more time and effort, so if you’re not ready to bother, pick up a card and money. Gratitude and smile to you, of course, provided, but about sparks in the eyes and mouth to ears will have to forget. GD-Home has prepared 22 inspirational ideas that will prompt what and how can be done. However, such a gift is 100% necessary choose individually, and the more interesting things you can find, the more enthusiasm you can get.


Gift basket with products, sweets, cosmetics

What could be packaging? First, of course, the usual wicker basket with or without handle, which can then be used for storage in the kitchen, in the bathroom, and in the bedroom. Cardboard box with or without lid. The only thing to take care of is it is about the safety of everything inside. If you need to be transport a gift, think about how to bring everything quickly in order, or initially pack everything so that different little things don’t turned upside down.

You can use a plastic container, a wooden box, a baking dish, a glass jar or slippers. IN in general, something quite voluminous.


1. Cosmetic favorites

If you are confidently answering a question about cosmetic favorites you can safely collect the gift to whom cosmetic boxing. However, if in doubt or you are not at all know which brand a person prefers, what type of person skin, a suitable shade of lipstick, etc., pick up something universal that will please everyone. By the way, such a gift can be not only to a woman, but also to a man. Put the gel in the box for the smell of Coca-Cola, chewing gum, coconut (as a supplement you could put a real can of cola, chewing gum or real coconut), a bomb for a bath, a scented candle. Complete the set socks with a funny inscription and a postcard.

making a gift basket with your own hands

2. A set of homemade ice cream

Who doesn’t like ice cream? This is a 100% hit in the top ten! Pick up waffle cups, syrup, bright marmalade (marmalade, chocolate бусины, M&M’s, орешки, стружка, крошечное печенье, воздушныйrice), a special spoon. Postcard with a picture ice cream and the recipe on the back will complete the sweet composition. And do not forget to attach everything you need to the gift for cooking (cream, milk, eggs, etc.). Man should not puzzle where and when he needs to buy something that is not enough.


3. For lovers of pancakes and fritters

A new pancake pan will be appreciated by those who love to cook (what do not every person who stands at the stove for days fits under this category. Therefore, before preparing such a gift, make sure your friend is dancing at the stove :)). Wooden box (in the future used for storage in the kitchen) whisk, shovel, sweet jam, leaf and a big bow complement the set.


DIY gift basket for a man

4. In one color

Such a box with different little things and goodies in the packaging of one color. Everything will go only falls under the category of color. Drinks, food, dishes, cosmetic finds – everything will fit.

How to make a basket of sweets

How to make a candy basket

5. Basket with sweets

Doing it yourself is not as easy as it sounds. at first sight. So neatly and beautifully it turns out far from the first, and not the second time. So let’s get it in order.

The basket itself can be found in the supermarket department with popcorn. On the a soft filler, for example, a sponge, in which usually put flowers. Then you collect as many sweets and confiture. Importantly, do not forget about wooden skewers. Whole secret in using regular or double-sided tape to attach each little bow to the skewer, which is then inserted into the sponge.

By the way, consider the height and weight of sweets, from too heavy it is better refuse.

gift basket

Gift baskets for women

6. Gift for 5+

Why not use a slow cooker as a package? Such a gift can be made even for a wedding. Can be put inside recipe book, champagne, dishcloth, cups, glasses, culinary notebook, something sweet.

unusual DIY gifts

7. Set for baking cookies

A gift basket with products may look like this. Everything, that necessary for cookies + molds, shovels, deco.

Decorative confetti and bow will add points to your gift.

basket for the newborn

8. For the smallest

A charming set of several toys, slippers, beret or hats will be a good start to your friendship with your baby? IN a set can add a few diapers, a towel, a bedding, bib, bottle, socks, body. Cool inscriptions only welcome!

how to make a gift with your own hands

how to make a gift with your own hands

9. Seasonings and spices

It’s always interesting to try something new, but buying something exotic often fades into the background. Present to a friend several small packages of spices that he never tried it. Or pick up the seasonings that he often uses. on the kitchen. Recipes with their use will help to complement the gift, which can be attached with a decorative clothespin to the packaging.


an original gift for a guy with his own hands

10. Homemade Jam

Strawberry or raspberry jam may be in addition to gift basket with products or a separate standalone a present. Sweet things never happen, right? If your friend is in often spent time in childhood in the village, maybe he will appreciate the set, consisting of jam, homemade milk and fresh pastries.

original gift

11. Kitchen stuff

You may have noticed that in the mother’s kitchen she’s obviously not enough. Just collect everything you need and think about how it is maybe pack. For example, in a glass carafe, a jar, a cup.

unusual gifts

12. Ready-made pastries

This is a versatile and tasty gift that fits all occasions of life. March 8 – yes, February 23 – excellent, birthday – as an addition to the main gift is simply magical. Independently cooked pastries in a beautiful package – this is a pleasant trifle, which will tell about your care and warm feelings.

gift for February 23

13. Jar of sweets / nuts

A simple idea, but no less charming. Colored орешки или M&M’s могут наполнить баночку, этикетку стоитprint out. This can be done on sticky paper in a printing house, pre-composing a layout or contacting a designer on the spot. It is worthwhile to prepare the text in advance and think about the font, so that in place do not waste time, and therefore money, because every minute Specialist will be paid.

If you don’t have time for all this event, you can simply decorate the jar with a beautiful bow to which to attach mini card.

gifts for March 8

14. Interesting office

A gift basket may include various stationery stuff. If the gifted person likes to keep notes, is a student or schoolboy, he will not be able to remain indifferent. What to put inside? Notebook, funny pens and pencils, pencil case, index cards, glider, calendar, stylish notebooks, etc.

a gift to a man with his own hands

15. Appetizing basket with sweets

This set of several types of nuts and sweets looks very aesthetically pleasing.

what to present for the new year

16. Tea set

Such a gift for a loved one who loves tea will be worth its weight in gold. You can collect a collection of different herbs, dry them, and then spread out on those purchased specifically for such purposes sachets. This seems to be the most time-consuming and sweetest gift from today’s list. A beautiful teapot will become good addition.

DIY New Year Gift Baskets

gift grocery baskets

17. Coffeemen

And for coffee lovers, a set for making different coffee drinks. Coffee beans, of course, do not collect with your own hands succeed, but prepare various interesting additives will be in your forces. It can be cinnamon, a set of marshmallows, a packet of cream or milk, syrup. The basket can be supplemented with a small hand blender for whipping milk, a stylish cup, cardboard cups (for coffee to go).

new Year gifts

18. Shoe care or shoe care kit

So charmingly packed sponges and cleaning products cause a smile. If your friend has a shoe care item and always monitors its neatness, he will appreciate such a gift. If he is pretty sloppy, a set of brushes and creams serve good a hint.

grocery basket as a gift

19. Cooking Set

Gift baskets for women or men who adore cook may contain a complete list of ingredients for cooking one specific dish. For example, pasta or lasagna. Do not forget to attach a detailed recipe to the gift.

gift basket with products

20. Gift basket with products

Gather there everything that he loves and often uses the gifted. His it will be nice that you know his culinary so well preferences.

gift baskets for women


21. Honey basket

What can be included in its composition? First of all, several jars honey. Then honey soap, body scrub, lip balm, wax candles. Beautiful card and voila, a gorgeous gift is ready!

an original gift to a man with his own hands

22. Homemade lemonade

Hand-made lemonade is much better, and even tastier than bought. Useful for you: a few oranges, lemon, ginger (optional) and a beautiful bottle. You can add to the kit tubules and packaging of stylish glasses.

In addition, lemonade can complement the grocery or sweet a basket.

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