If you are also pretty fed up with standard stickers and paints for easter eggs, we are pleased to offer new decorating ideas. GD-Home decided to continue its tradition of finding new interesting ideas and I am pleased to offer 12 cool workshops. Easter decoration often creates a festive mood, and advance preparation able to create the right mood for households. Whenever possible Bring the children and husband to the creative process.

It is always a pleasure to prepare for the light Easter holiday: bake Easter cakes, Easter, decorate the home. Easter crafts can become table decoration or a warm gift for loved ones. We collected simple ideas that do not require any serious monetary waste.

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Easter Decoration: 12 ideas

1. Easter eggs from somewhere in space!

This decoration idea is a delight. And certainly understandable immediately, that such an Easter decoration will certainly not be left without attention. The time spent on one egg is 2 minutes. Are you intrigued? Then let’s start.

What you need: – a bowl – water – nail polish several colors – a stick for mixing (a toothpick or cotton swab)

easter decor

Step One: Pour in a bowl of room water temperature. Then add some regular nail polish to several shades. It uses a varnish of blue and white. Move the wand, creating patterns, as shown in photo 1.

Step Two: Dip the egg in the water by rotating it repeatedly. Varnish “sticks” to the surface and quickly grasps. Layering the pattern is not recommended. Dry eggs it is possible on needles with balls, having stuck them in polyfoam, or with using other means at hand. You can do this work in gloves or after using nail polish remover. WITH the first time is unlikely to get very neat, but the same liquid will come to your aid.

As you can see, Easter decoration can be different!

Easter decoration

decoration of easter eggs

2. Sweet ice cream

Eggs reminiscent of ice cream in a waffle cup, exactly will please the kids, probably, and not only them? To decorate you You will need ordinary gouache paint and brushes. To the surface of the egg didn’t see through, apply bright colors in several layers.

easter decorations

3. Marble “plaque”

This Easter decoration can only be used for decoration. the table. After “painting” to eat eggs is no longer worth it.

What you need: – grape juice – vinegar – bowl – gold paint

easter decoration

Step One: Mix the grape juice in a bowl and vinegar in equal parts so that the mixture can be completely load the eggs. After placing eggs in a bowl, leave them overnight.

For decoration, you can use it as hard-boiled eggs, so empty eggs.

Step Two: In the morning, remove the eggs and rinse water, removing the upper coating with a napkin.

Step Three: Apply a Golden Layer by Lowering the Egg into the prepared solution.

easter eggs decor 4. Easter decoration from natural materials

These Easter crafts look very interesting. Wherein make them simple. Use natural paints, for example, obtained from blue cabbage and carrots to get such calm shades. Dried flowers will do for decoration feathers, leaflets that can be easily glued with glue gun.

easter decorations

5. Floral prints

Floral eggs complement your Easter basket. Minimal art skills are definitely useful here.

DIY Easter decor

What you need: – a pencil – waterproof pens – waterproof markers or markers

how to decorate eggs for easter

Step One: Using a regular pencil, draw a flower on the surface of the egg. Then circle them waterproof a pen.

Step Two: Paint the Flower Water Resistant felt-tip pens or markers. If you want a larger contour stood out, circle it again with a marker.

Step Three: An Additional Decoration Easter crafts can become a neatly deduced name flower.


painting eggs for easter

6. Delicate lace

Easter crafts with lace and floral patterns seem very nice.

What you need: – lace – paint for eggs – bowl

easter decorations

Step One: Lace the Egg and fix it with a thread or a thin elastic band.

Step Two: Now dip the egg in water with dye. In order not to grease the drawing, it is necessary to dry the egg in hanging position. Entrust this to the child or use the laundry rope and clothespin.

Easter eggs

7. Sweet Donuts

Uh … how hard it is to control yourself at the sight of such Donuts. They are created very simply with gouache paint and color markers. It’s simple, but how spectacular.

eggs for easter

8. Vegetables and fruits

Easter decoration can take on a completely unexpected look. How do you are these eggs disguised as fruits and vegetables?

What you need: – dye – black marker – green cardboard or thick paper – glue gun – scissors

Easter Egg

First paint the eggs. Then from cardboard or paper cut the leaves and stick them to the egg with hot glue. It remains to finish the details. Photo instruction will not leave any questions.


how to paint eggs

9. Emoticons from social networks

Why not? You will need this yellow paint, colored markers and a little perseverance.

Step One: Color the Eggs with Food paints. Let them dry well.

Step Two: Open Vkontakte or Facebook, take the markers and go!

paint eggs

decoration of easter eggs

10. Gentlemen

These “gentlemen” will dilute any Easter decoration. Draw Mustache is possible with a black marker. Simple and fun!

easter eggs

11. Dotted

Before dipping the eggs in the dye solution, stick round stickers. And when the paint dries, carefully remove them.

how to paint eggs

drawings for easter

paint eggs for easter

12. Vintage Theme

At the first stage of decoration, you must use decoupage technique. You will learn how to do it here. To decorate eggs can be with: lace, rope, flowers, beads, etc. Take everything that comes to hand.

If you use at least one of the suggested ideas, we will be very happy! These easter crafts gradually come to life in our life, believe me, this mass of pleasure!

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