Fairytale house in England

Fairytale House in England

Hold your breath, this is the most beautiful house you ever seen!

This charming house is set amidst wooded hills. Lake District of Cumbria, in the north of England. Surrounded by green gardens on a plot of 2.5 hectares, it is ideal for creating special memories.

The French Renaissance is traced here in every detail. Crystal chandeliers, carved furniture and wooden elements create a luxurious interior that does not look like a museum exhibit, on the contrary, the house seems very cozy and welcoming. There are 6 here bedrooms for a large family, spacious living-dining room, beautiful kitchen, several sitting areas and bathrooms.

Enjoy it!

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Dream House

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English house

beautiful house

Beautiful house

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Luxury home

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Beautiful kitchen

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Retro kitchen

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Living room with french windows

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Spacious dining room

beautiful house

Living-dining room

classic style bedroom

Classic bedroom

classic bedroom

Classic bedroom

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Living room in the house with fireplace

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Luxurious bedroom in the house

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Beautiful interior

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Retro style bathroom interior

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French style cuisine

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French style

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Dining room in the garden

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French style in the interior

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Bedroom with fireplace

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Classic style in the interior

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Luxury home design

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Classic home interior

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Attic bedroom

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Fairy house

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Lake with yachts

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Ancient beautiful house

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