Fisherman’s house by the Mediterranean Sea on Mallorca

Mediterranean style house

A fresh breeze is everywhere. Nautical theme this house 100% saturated.

You open the window and – pa-pam! Before you is a huge Mediterranean sea. You feel its power, and sea air invades your lungs. Then a beep sounds, because it is located nearby berth, and you feel that you are exactly where you should be. For many such a house in Mallorca is a dream!

It’s hard to believe, but a few years ago this house represented an old fishing shack with a restaurant on the ground floor. He was bought by a couple by coincidence. Susana with her husband came to Mallorca with friends in order to help them To buy a house. As a result, there were absolutely two purchases. Despite swept walls, the summer house fell in love at first sight, and after 10 days a deal was made. The reconstruction has touched everything except the facade. Together with designer Katalina Sosyas, the couple updated the interior and refreshed the look of the house.

marine interior

White color reflects more light and makes the house appear even more. Plus, large windows blur the line between skyline and interior.

Enjoy it!

marine style in the interior

marine style interior

Fisherman's house by the Mediterranean in Mallorca

Mediterranean style interior

Mediterranean style in the interior

Mediterranean style

Mediterranean interior

marine style bathroom

marine style room

decor in a marine style

Mediterranean style home

beautiful interiors

loft lighting

beautiful interiors

Mediterranean style bedroom

nautical style bedroom

bedroom design

bathroom photo

nautical style nursery

Mediterranean style nursery

Mediterranean style bathroom

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