Florarium: a master class on creating your own hands


What a beauty we have prepared for you! Straight hands itch as soon as possible prepare and show it all. The creator is Elsie Larson, who, along with her sister, constantly pleases readers of her Abeautifulmess.com blog with new and new ideas. GD-Home spied I decided to create one of them in my office. thanks Elsie for another item on our To Do List?

For reference: Florariums are such terrariums, in which instead of spiders, reptiles, snails and turtles they plant flowers.


Creating flower terrariums is a pleasure, this is an occupation. addictive and relaxing. Many say that if you already started create, on one handicraft is unlikely to stop. Ready check?

how to make a florarium

What do you need:

– terrarium – minerals – soil – small plants – colored sand and pebbles

Much of the list is hard to find in ordinary stores, easier to do it is using the internet.

garden in a bottle

Step one: close the bottom of the terrarium with small pebbles, then smaller pebbles. Can be used shell rock.

florarium photo

Step two: add a layer of soil and plant plants. Cacti, succulents, aloe, aloe leafy are suitable for you. and many other low ground cover greens.

florarium master class

Step three: add to your flower terrarium several layers of bright sand. To make it better distributed, gently shake the flask, distributing sand along the edges.

Colorful sand looks very interesting, but if you want get a more natural composition, use regular sand different shades.

plants for the florarium

Step Four: Decorate the Florarium with minerals of different colors. In order to water the plants small watering can. In principle, this can be done carefully and with ordinary plastic bottle.

Important: Choose greens that will be good. Feel in arid conditions.

terrarium for plants

Oh .. yes and this side view. Florarium looks just magical!

do-it-yourself florarium

flower terrarium

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