This beautiful handmade cactus needle bed cannot but to charm. The idea of ​​combining this plant with needles seems so simple and obvious, but for some reason never occurred earlier. Do you like that too? Hmm … 🙂 A handmade blogger Laura created a miracle Gummermen, who thought that a lonely standing cactus is a thing bad. If you also think so, you can completely repeat it master class or sew only one. Fortunately they are easy are made! Such sewing needles on the sewing table can cause a smile at one glance in their direction. By the way, it could be a great gift for a friend who loves needlework?


What do you need:

– multi-colored felt – scissors – flower pots – synthetic winterizer or other filler – hot glue gun – polystyrene – needle and a thread


1. Cactus barrel

To make a cactus a barrel (the lowest) is necessary cut a circle from felt, then make stitches for tightening all over to the edge. Putting the syntopon inside, tighten the pouch firmly so that it It turned out quite elastic. Then drag it a few times and tie a knot on the side that will be hidden in potty. It seems that this matter will take no more than 15 minutes.

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2. Pear-shaped cactus

To create such a handmade cactus you need to prepare paper stencil. After two halves of felt will be ready, you need to stitch them so that the hole remains for filling with synthetic winterizer. To evenly distribute it across cactus, use a wooden stick or hook.


3. Notocactus Otto

This fancy cactus is also created by stencil. It requires six carved parts from felt, which then need to stitch in pairs. Chipping them together, make a seam along to the center. The resulting sections must be filled as usual stuffing.

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Now you need to “plant” cacti in the ground, in the quality of which dark felt will do. Cacti need to be finally sewn up, and then sew them to the ground. If they are not standing straight, leaning in one or the other side, you can use the glue gun.

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The final step is to prepare the foam base. Sitting down the result of your work in pots, you can count the work finished. And yes, do not forget to attach flowers, if you want, so that your cacti bloom. You can also add some more details using embroidery. Well, aren’t these handmade needle beds adorable ?!

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Handmade cactus needle box

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