Clothespin Towel Holders

The idea of ​​making such towel holders from clothespins is very simple and will cost you a penny. A towel should always be at hand, but at the same time they most often lie somewhere or hang on highchairs. Such a simple idea with clothespins will help you not only keep the kitchen in order, but also add originality to the interior. how bring the idea to life, read on!

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What you need: – wooden prischepi – whetstone – glue – paint – brush – screwdriver

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Step One: Using Paint paint the clothespins. Choose color and pattern according to design the kitchen. Of course, such holders will look good in the kitchen in Scandinavian, rural, industrial or loft. For classic style fit more elegant holders. Except that your kitchen is decorated in a modern classic style, then wooden clothes pegs will be appropriate.

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Step Two: When the paint dries, glue the clothespins to the bar at a distance of 1.5-2 cm. Use a thin layer of glue so that its excess does not protrude around the clothespin. Make sure the holders are firmly glued.

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Step Three: Now All That Is Left to do is hang the bar on the wall. This can be done using screwdriver.

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That’s all! You can be proud of the work done. By the way, this the holder can also be used for scarves by attaching it to the wall or inside the cabinet. We wish you success!

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