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What could be better than do-it-yourself home projects? Besides the fact that they carry warmth and comfort, they are also capable of great save money. Many beautiful things are created simply, without special skills. Even if you are sure that your hands are accurate out of the right place, GD-Home promises today’s home ideas will be on the shoulder of anyone. We prepared 15 classrooms (large and not very) ideas, the workshops on the creation of which we will publish in the following articles. Keep for updates. And don’t forget subscribe to social networks so you don’t miss anything! Go!

Home Ideas

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Do-it-yourself interesting ideas

1. Sheet with strawberries (link to Master Class)

Simple and very cute! Do-it-yourself home furnishings are easy to create, and the result is magical? To create a picture I needed a stamp, red and green paint for the fabric. Sheets it is better to choose from natural cotton. But the variations in color and drawing can be very much. So, for example, on a yellow sheet you can leave green limes, on white – orange oranges or even bananas, you can use a stamp with the image of lips or some short word.

interesting ideas for home

2. Soft goodies (link to Master Class)

These soft DIY decor items are created using felt. For sewing, a needle and thread are used for embroidery (floss), no sewing machine is required. Toys can become decoration of the interior of the living room or kitchen, they can be used for playing with a child or a kitten. Such goodies can be a decoration theme party. If you want to see other variations, Check out the Plush Kit for Movie Fans article.

do it yourself for home

3. Convenient ottoman

To have such poufs in the arsenal of the living room is very convenient. They are easy move, and are quite suitable as an additional landing a place. This practical home idea helps owners a lot. small rooms. Expect a turn-based soon leadership.


4. Silent piano (link to Master Class)

Parents of young musicians will definitely appreciate a plush piano! For his the creation will need a fabric of two colors, a synthetic winterizer, as well as black and white felt.


5. Storage basket

DIY home-made decorations, can be in addition is also practical. So, for example, this basket looks stylish and at the same time it allows you to carefully store different little things (children’s toys, elastic bands / hair clips, cosmetic accessories, etc.)

handmade ideas

6. Mat for children

This mat looks so beautiful that you want it use even when you are already over 20 (at least with us Is there such a desire? ). Thanks to batting, he also warm, so games on the floor will not cause alarm parents.

do-it-yourself home

7. Where without color pillows!

Our list of DIY Decor Items could not do without colored textiles that can be used for both home and arbors / terraces. Colored pillows add color to the design, add warmth and comfort. To create a neat seam can not do without sewing cars. As a material, natural is best suited. cotton.

DIY crafts for home

8. Felt stand

No one likes wet footprints on the table. It is to address this problems were invented by such cup holders. They can also be use as a hot stand. It seems to be a trifle, but a smile provided!

Handmade home ideas made with a soul carry a special Charm.

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9. Soft seats for a chair

Refreshing home furniture is possible with the help of soft seats. Is not as hard as it might seem at first glance. Via a detailed master class, you will make it your home decoration hands.

creative home ideas

10. Napkins for table setting

So charming yet easy to create ideas for home can not but rejoice! To create them, you need paint, cardboard and clamps. Intrigued? Then wait for the sequel?


11. Two halves

Home-made decorations for the home, can also become A great gift for loved ones. Here, for example, such pads with the inscriptions “His” and “Her” can make two lovers happy.

do-it-yourself interior ideas

12. Pillow with summer print

The image of palm leaves is the best suited for summer interior. You will need green felt and skill handle the sewing machine.


13. Flower pots

We do not often update flower pots, so they are pretty annoying the eye. I want something new. If you subscribe under this, then such flowerpots are exactly what will help to update interior. As you can see, our ideas for home are not only decorative, but also practical!


14. Handmade dolls

Handmade mermaids can be used not only for children games, but also for interior decoration. To the walkthrough will be three templates attached.

handmade ideas for home

15. A pillow under the head

You can implement such an interesting idea with your own hands in a few hours. You will need some fabric and synthetic winterizer. With print and you can experiment with buboes as you wish.

We hope that the selected ideas for the home will be useful to you. Wish success!

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