How to decorate a house for the new year: top 10 articles

How to decorate the house for the New Year: TOP 10 articles

7, 6, 5 … days are left until the New Year and GD-Home is preparing for this event is more diligent than ever. We decided to collect for you useful articles in one place in which ideas on DIY home decoration and home decor!

How to decorate a house for the new year: TOP 10 + 1 bonus

This article will be especially useful for those who do not often come to us in guests. So let’s go!

How to decorate a Christmas tree: ideas + photos

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Where without the tree, right? Therefore, first of all we are preparing decorate the beauty. In the article you will find not only photos decorated Christmas tree, but also learn about New Year’s decor, which can to be used. These are simple and obvious ideas about which often forget it.

how to decorate the house for the new year

how to decorate a christmas tree

home decoration for the new year

DIY Christmas toys: 9 ideas

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DIY toys are of particular value. Them You can do it with the children with Christmas music. Highlight one – two evenings for making jewelry and a festive charge the mood will be provided to you. Make a list of required materials, for example, felt, spray paint, glass balls, tapes, flour. And then go to the store for everything necessary.

The article contains simple ideas for New Year’s decor, which can repeat each.

decorations for the new year

New Year's decor

5 ways to make a garland with your own hands

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From felt, clay, plywood, balls and a thick thread – 5 ideas, which will help to decorate the room for the New Year. Some garlands Suitable for decorating Christmas trees, but most still Designed to decorate walls and fireplaces.


DIY Christmas snowflakes: 2 ideas

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What can be done from the pages of a book you don’t like? Of course, snowflakes. Sparkles and lots of glue come in handy. The article also proposes the creation of snowflakes jewelry work where you have to curl and fold white paper with extreme care.



IKEA + H&M Home: 43 фото зимней красоты

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Рождественские коллекции IKEA + H&M Home всегда вызываютsmile and desire to buy everything at once. We suggest you to plunge into the atmosphere of northern winter and look out for something interesting to home decoration for the new year.

The article will be useful for inspiration and creating warm. mood.

decorate the room for the New Year

Christmas baking photo

Do-it-yourself New Year

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This charming Grandpa in the bank was created by our team, and we simply could not share a handmade workshop. is he so simple and understandable that repeating it will not amount to any labor. The only thing that will take time from you is preparation everything you need: a glass jar, toys, cones, spruce and twine Perhaps something from the list is already in your home?

how to make a snow globe with your own hands

DIY crafts for the new year photo

Dried Citrus Ornaments

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You can make Christmas decor with your own hands from orange, lime and lemon. To do this, they need to be dried in the oven. More detailed You will find instructions on the highlighted link.

decorations for the new year

Add a New Year mood

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A beautiful photo collection where you can spy on ideas for decorating the house and creating a festive mood. Knitted covers on cups, paper trees, cinnamon sticks, candles – these are all small details that complement the New Year’s interior of the house.

decorations for the new year

New Year's decor

How to decorate a nursery for the New Year?

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The article contains 6 ideas that will help bring the holiday to baby’s room. You can use them not only in the nursery. Your the bedroom, kitchen or living room can also be decorated with garlands on the windows, small Christmas trees or branches, Christmas wreaths.

advent calendar photo

how to decorate a little christmas tree

How to make a snow globe with your own hands

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Another idea for preserving the New Year in the bank. Differences are in the banks themselves and filling. To the master class attached video tutorial.

new year in the bank

Over a cup of tea: 38 photos of Scandinavian Christmas

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As promised, the 11th bonus – a portion of inspiration with the Scandinavian mood. We will be very happy if you received the right dose joy and inspiration!

Happy Holidays!

how to decorate a room for the new year

New Year's table decoration

how to decorate the house for the new year

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