Modern country house: the nuances of planning and of interior

Modern country house: the nuances of the layout and interior

The construction of a square shape of red brick – just such paint us a picture of a private house that has developed over decades stereotypes. But in our time there are many ready-made design solutions, building and decoration materials, I want more modern and diverse in home decoration. Not the last role in this is played world trends and new architectural trends showcasing a huge variety of options for implementing the most daring fantasies.

In addition to silence and solitude, modern country houses have One big advantage is the free layout. If the global conversion of a model apartment requires a whole bunch of permissions, then the house can be redrawn according to your needs and tastes, without looking back at the army of officials.

Modern country house

Modern country house

modern country houses

As for the choice of style, the modern interiors of country houses in recently decided to make as comfortable and functional. Classic, modern, hi-tech, loft, minimalism, country, provence, chalet, eco – each of them is individual and does not look like to others. Each has its own character and capabilities that should match the character of the homeowner. And each of them can be beautiful, comfortable and conducive to rest and relaxation.

design modern country houses

Design modern country houses

project of a modern country house

Country house in a modern style

modern interiors of country houses

Layout of modern country houses

At the initial stage, it is necessary to determine not only the style interior decoration, but also with zoning. In this matter all rests on the number of residents, their lifestyle and personal preferences.

First, everyone needs a place to sleep. Secondly, a room for receiving guests must be equipped, it can serve as a place for general family gatherings and a relaxation area. Thirdly, if one of the family members often works at home, need room for an office. And fourthly, if available children, you need to take care of the sports and game corner: it can be part of a children’s bedroom or a separate room.

design of a country house

Country house design

exterior design of a country house

Planning the layout of rooms in one-story houses is largely similar to zoning apartments. Bedrooms, cabinets, children’s placed in rooms remote from the front door. Hallway with wardrobe, kitchen, utility rooms, living room are located closer to the entrance. If space allows, it’s nice to arrange two a bathroom or an additional toilet is closer to the hallway.

In two-story houses, the second floor is usually reserved for bedrooms, classrooms, nurseries – those rooms where it is not customary to bring guests. Corridor or hallway, kitchen, dining room, living room, guest bedroom take their places on the ground floor. A bathroom is needed as below so upstairs.

decoration and design of a country house

Decorating and designing a country house

interior and design of a country house

Interior design of modern country houses

As mentioned above, the main thing in the design of the internal Furnishings – strike a balance between comfort and functionality. Well matching shades, beautiful textiles, soft, multilevel light (ideally, adjustable) and comfortable, modular furniture do their job, allowing you to create the rooms are nice looking and comfortable for living.

interior of a country house in the forest

Interior of a country house in the forest

exterior design of a country house

Whatever the chosen style (or their mixture), the interior modern homes suggests the presence of natural materials in decoration, as well as a game of shades, textures and textures, allowing harmonize the space: enlarge or place it accents.

An important role is given to illumination. Penetrated by light and air-filled rooms are conducive to relaxation and restoration of strength. About such a house, we can say that he and the fortress, and outlet, and the best place on the planet.

design of a one-story country house

Design of a one-story country house

design of the territory of a country house

Design of the territory of a country house

interior of a country house made of timber

The interior of a country house made of timber

design of a terrace of a country house

Terrace design of a country house

design of a country house with a pool

Design of a country house with a pool

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