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Modern homes from around the world

As usual, after a long discussion with the entire editorial staff, we chose the TOP 20 most beautiful projects that have ever been published on pages of our magazine. These are modern projects with Minimalist design and more traditional homes. Anyway a selection of modern houses from different parts of the world will not leave indifferent. TOPs The most beautiful houses and dream houses awaits you under the selected links.

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Modern houses

beautiful houses

design of a modern house

1. Modern home overlooking Los Angeles (link to the article)

Modern homes are often enriched with a green garden on roof or at the level of one of the floors. The tendency to surround yourself greenery is growing rapidly, especially in an urban environment where it is so lacks. The combination of wood, concrete, brick and green looks just awesome!

This project is located on the hills in Los Angeles, so Beautiful views are not uncommon. At the same time, the price of the mansion is not less stunning, it is almost $ 4 billion!

facade of the house

terrace photo

garden in the house

2. A traveler’s house in a river with many interesting details (link to the article)

A wooden house with Asian motifs could not fail to get into the TOP 20 if only because ethno style is unlikely to ever go out of fashion. Such an interior always looks juicy, colorful and interesting. This the house belongs to an inveterate traveler who, along with decorator Olga Ievleva thought out every square meter. Masks, carpets, panels and paintings brought from different parts of the world, took their ideal places.

unusual houses of the world

unusual houses

3. An unusual house in the form of a pyramid from Iceland (link to the article)

Pyramids are more like some kind of art object or the scenery for the shooting, in fact, they are a residential building. is he consists of two parts interconnected by a corridor and open terrace. The bedrooms are concentrated in one pyramid, and in the second is a living room with kitchen.

the most beautiful house

the best houses in the world

beautiful private houses

4. Stylish facade + Texas home interior (link to the article)

This modern home is decorated with black tiles and The tree, which partially surrounds the garden, was designed architect Jay Corder. In combination with panoramic glazing, The architecture looks pretty interesting. And if you take into account the layout garden, for which there was very little space provided, you can safely award an architect with an award for the best design solution 2018 year.

beautiful house photo

the most beautiful houses in the world

nice view from the window

Modern house in the mountains: photo + design

5. Take a full chest of air: a house in the midst of the mountains peaks (link to the article)

Another Texas project that also partially merges with landscape. Due to the stone and concrete, the house could be confused with at the foot of the hill, however does the white rectangular block clearly betray it? This part of the house seems to be floating in the air. Architects from the studio Hazelbaker Rush made sure panoramic views viewed from different corners: from the eastern and western the sides have viewing platforms.

luxury homes

wooden house

home interior

6. Wooden house in the middle of the Swiss Alps (link to the article)

Luxurious, modern chalets should look that way. If you I don’t know, a chalet is a style that originated in the mountain huts of the mountaineers, grazing sheep. They built simple and convenient for themselves. houses made of wood and stone, decorated them with skins, etc. Today designers try to recreate this style, but often get along with the question is where to hide modern technology and where to find a suitable finish, plumbing that will not be knocked out the overall picture. Of course, all these issues are resolved, but puzzle still have to.

The fireplace still remains the central element in the house, It is simply impossible to imagine a chalet without it. Innovations are panoramic windows that a hundred years ago, no one thought install. But today, do without windows to the floor in the mountain the terrain would already be a crime. Designers love to use windows as picture frames, making beautiful landscapes a part the interior.

unusual home photos

the most unusual houses

unusual house designs

7. The house in the style of minimalism from Rever and Drage Architects (link to the article)

A modern project from Norway looks like a house from the future, true? In fact, it was built a couple of years ago. Because of the mountain Terrain architects had to look for an atypical solution. Part structures located on the plain, some soars in the air. Plus to An interesting facade decoration was chosen for everything. Home reliability provides stone foundation and metal columns. Despite the complexity of construction in such an area, a place was found for pool.

beautiful houses of the world

home design

Bedroom design

8. Chalet in Courchevel with a view of the Alps (link to article)

The French Alps are famous for their beauty. In winter season Courchevel is visited by about a million tourists. In the photo one of those chic chalets, to refuse a vacation in which is simply impossible. At the same time several families can live here. Recreation areas and cooking is common; a sauna is also at your disposal.

modern house

9. Beautiful house by Concepto Arquitectura (link to the article)

This snow-white villa by Concepto Arquitectura is located in one of the provinces of Spain. Due to its location, on several hundred meters above sea level, from its windows Spectacular views of the city and the forest.

photo of houses

projects of beautiful houses

beautiful houses

10. Beautiful stone house in the mountains (link to article)

The stone house designed by Park City Design Build It was built using today’s popular eco-technologies. At the construction used natural materials – stone and wood. Location in the mountains obliges owners to independent life support at home, therefore conservation systems energies are also present.

modern wooden houses


modern home design

11. Wooden house in a modern style (link per article)

This American home is also built using eco-technologies and systems aimed at energy conservation. WITH Using the Smart Home system, it is possible to easily manage all systems and great to save on the consumption of expensive energy.

By the way, the stylish facade is finished with cedar.

beautiful houses


beautiful interiors

Modern country house with a beautiful view

12. Modern house with Mercedes inside (link per article)

The main material in the construction of this house was glass. The areas of bedrooms and bathrooms, of course, are hidden from prying eyes, but here the living room, kitchen and dining room are equipped with floor-to-ceiling windows the ceiling. With the help of sliding doors they are easily combined with garden with a terrace with a dining table and a small pond.

The house belongs to the family of a banker who really wanted a site where he can showcase his beautiful retro Mercedes. The architectural studio I / O Architects managed to implement it a dream.

beautiful house designs

terrace design

13. A beautiful hillside house from Canada (link to the article)

The house is simply surrounded by greenery, and it is not only outside. As conceived by architects and designers from Garret Cord Werner Architects and Interior Designers No Borders Between exterior and interior, everything is as open as possible and naturally.

beautiful home photo

beautiful apartment photos


14. Beautiful country house by the pond (link to article)

Luxurious and at the same time modern design of a wooden house should look that way. Panoramic windows, modern facade, glass porch with a fireplace inside. Everything seems to be thought out. to the smallest detail. The interior is in no way inferior: the art deco style in combination with high ceilings it looks amazing.

beautiful home photo

beautiful house

view from the window

15. Modern house by the ocean (link to article)

This coastal home is a dream home! Who would give up life in such a beautiful oceanfront mansion ?! It is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Its interior is concise minimalism style.

high-tech houses

16. Oceanfront dream home (link to article)

Another great project on the ocean, just off the coast another continent. In Australia, such houses are not uncommon. Cuboid shape, panoramic windows and several materials for the decoration of the facade – these are the main features of modern architecture. Studio Steve Domoney Architecture picked up a win-win black and white combination for the exterior. But for the interior design was chosen dark wood and stone.

the most beautiful houses


pond near the house

17. Black House from Australia (link to article)

Another house from Australia! It is located in the southernmost city countries – in Melbourne. The internal layout differs little from previous projects. On the ground floor there is a combined the space of the kitchen, living room and dining room, on the top – sleeping and bathrooms.

photo of beautiful houses

beautiful cottages

beautiful private houses

18. Stylish house from Bourgeois / Lechasseur Architects (link to the article)

The facade of this Canadian house is trimmed with natural shingles. and wood, so it integrates perfectly into the forest landscape. The interior design has simpler and cleaner lines. General style minimalism is often used in the construction of modern houses, located in a picturesque area, and all in order not to distract residents from the surrounding landscape.

beautiful house

beautiful houses photos of mansions

interior of the living room in the house

19. Stylish interior of a modern house (link per article)

A whole oasis with a house in the middle was designed by a local Israeli studio Nurit Leshem. Located in Tel Aviv, the project is more like some Brazilian mansion in surrounded by palm trees and green trees.

the most beautiful houses

photo of beautiful houses

home interior design

20. House in harmony with nature from Bribi (link per article)

Bribi Island is a magnet for tourists who want to relax. in Australia. It is a picturesque city with beautiful modern streets, walking along which you can see the most modern and stylish houses. I had to work on this project very carefully, because not every day you meet a house that surrounds on several sides water.

TOP 10 houses with finished projects can be seen by clicking on highlighted link.

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  5. Oceanfront Dream House
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