Making a house number

Have you ever had to walk along an unfamiliar street and, squinting to look for house numbers? Here in such situations you start truly appreciate the large rooms and thank yourself owners for their forethought. Attaching to a simple number a little imagination, you can get a real decoration for the facade. So, let’s begin?!

house number do it yourself

What you need: – a chipboard sheet – an artificial grass mat (it can be find among the door mats) – numbers corresponding to the number home – putty – paint – glue – nails – wood screws

house number photo

Step One: First you need prepare a wooden box in which the numbers will fit. Not be sure to do it yourself. Instead, you can take ready-made small box or photo frame with wide margins. If you did not find one, then a chipboard sheet will be the most suitable and inexpensive option.


Step Two: In the photo you see the necessary sizes. Of course, they may vary depending on your desires.

knock the blanks together

Step Three: After all parties be ready, fasten them together with glue / nails / screws.

finished drawer

Step Four: All the Bumps it is necessary to process putty on wood in order to The surface was perfectly flat and then painted. It is possible and not to do. The style of your home will tell you the right solution.

decorative lawn

bonding process

Step Five: Now proceed to landscaping. To do this, you need to cut out the necessary you size and stick it to the bottom of the drawer.

fasten the numbers

Step Six: If Your Figures Have eyelets for screws, it’s almost a hat. In another case, you have to put them on glue.

house number do it yourself photo

Seventh step: You can hang the plate with using the same screwdriver.

finished house number

number on the house

It turned out pretty well, right?

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