RV for the filmmaker

Mobile Home for the Cinematographer

Oh … these species! 23 year old filmmaker Zach Beauf decided quit his job as a creative director in a large company, and devoted all his time to shooting the film that demanded of him mobility.

Remaking a van under a motor home was his best decision. Used Chevy Wagon has been refurbished and updated. in the amount of 8 thousand dollars, including tire changes, finishing materials and the work itself. Another 4 thousand dollars was spent on installing solar panels, which are necessary for the operation of the refrigerator, computer, cameras, network Wi-fi At least 3 thousand dollars were spent on the equipment itself.

Zach planned to travel around the USA all year round, so the van insulated. Once he had to wait a long time for help, as the car stuck in a snowdrift of snow. He celebrated Christmas outdoors with relatives on Skype. And, despite all the difficulties, he only talks about the constant change of paintings outside the window, new landscapes, open in the mountains and forests. Zach even released a small compilation with tips for creating and maintaining a motor home, which Useful for those who travel alone.

House on wheels

The van gave the filmmaker freedom of movement in which he needed. He could shoot in the mountains, then go to desert away from civilization, and after all this hold a meeting with the composer in los angeles. And all this in a few weeks.

Mobile Home Photo

Half of the van is a rollaway bed, next to which there is a table for work and eating, hiding underneath the kitchenette. Everything is very mobile and functional.

Motor home inside

Even a single stool with a lifting lid performs double role: garbage bags are hidden inside. Usually shower zak took in gyms.


Windows can be covered with canopies that serve as chalky a board that allows you to make notes and notes.


Ergonomic kitchen allows you to cook simple dishes.

Just magical!

motorhome on wheels

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