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Such a handmade suitcase can greatly help in organizing little things for needlework. He will allow to keep in order often used ribbons, buttons, clips, pendants – all that often lost. A well-stocked suitcase can become portable organizer, which is easy to take with you on a trip. It can be an assistant for a child or a great gift for girlfriends. Here you will find a simple master class on how to create it. You’ll find a similar idea for organizing a sewing case, following the link. For those who missed the start of the suitcase theme, We recommend a look here.


What do you need:

– old suitcase – fabric – magnetic vinyl with an adhesive layer – fabric tapes – newspaper – small jars and trays – glue – scissors

old suitcase

restoration of a suitcase

Step One: The first step is to clean the inner and outer surfaces of the suitcase. Get rid of the lining, sand the surface if necessary.

restoration of an old suitcase

handmade ideas

Step Two: After the outer surface will be clean and smooth, glue it with a cloth. For this Cotton fabric with some cute pattern will do. Stick on better not a whole piece of fabric, but shreds. It will be easier get rid of air bubbles.

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Step Three: The Secret To This Handmade Suitcase lies in a magnet hidden behind newsprint. Plastic jars with a metal button on the bottom hold on to the top lid thanks to him. Magnetic vinyl with glue is suitable for this. layer that can be found in specializing online stores.


Fourth step: For pasting inside use newsprint on the surface of the suitcase.

crafts for home

Step Five: To make the organizer more neat appearance, hide the newspaper and suitcase under the fabric tape.

handmade ideas

Step Six: Depending on what you will be stored in your suitcase, you need to pick up jars and trays. The same jars as in the photo can be purchased in craft stores.

For storage in the lower compartment it is necessary to pick up trays with lids or lockable boxes so that when transported in the suitcase did not form chaos. In the lower compartment can be stored ribbons, notebooks, pens, pencils, scissors, glue, rulers, etc. d.

Well, that’s it: the handmade suitcase is ready! It remains to fill jars and separation with their priceless little things?

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