The most beautiful houses: TOP 10

The most beautiful houses of 2015: top 10

The end of the year is the time to take stock. We, too prepared and collected for you the most beautiful houses. TOP 10 was painfully difficult: we were arguing about the best facade, then included in the list of the next house and changed TOP 10 to TOP 20. In the end, we still managed to choose the top ten most-most.

Under each project there is a link highlighted in green color, clicking on which you will see more photos of the facade, as well as interior. Let’s go!

facades of houses

dream House

1. Lovely family home

To open the list of beautiful houses will be this California dream. Located on a narrow plot, the house is divided into two parts, which combines a patio. Ground floor of the first house It occupies an open space living room, kitchen and dining room. Thanks to sliding doors, this space is easily combined with patios, thereby forming a luxurious area for recreation.

How about a fireplace two stories high? Just awesome!

beautiful houses

beautiful houses of the world

2. American dream

The combination of blue tiles and white window frames looks sumptuously! Amazing how McAlpine Tankersley Architecture, which rebuilt the house, parted with its work? To be more precise, these are two houses that are united by a common porch.

Surely a large family lives here or will live, maybe two generations. Or maybe the second house is a guest?

beautiful home photo

beautiful house

3. Beautiful house on the lake

This house is surrounded by a forest on one side and a lake on the other. Thanks to the panoramic windows, the surrounding nature continues in an interior that is simple. Watch the change of year from such a cozy place – a real pleasure?

photo of beautiful houses

home design

4. One of the most beautiful houses in the world

This modern home is the work of architects Concepto Arquitectura. Like the previous one, it has a sleek design that connected with the desire of designers to make natural beauty The main emphasis in the interior. Due to the abundant glazing, it became possible.

beautiful house

dream house project

design of the facade of the house

5. Luxurious coastal style home

Peter Cadoux Architects as always on top! Modern beautiful houses with traditional design – this, of course, is their horse.

the most beautiful houses

beautiful houses

6. Stone house with a minimalist design

Restoration and restoration of a stone house professional team of architects and designers. Expanding the old building in one of the UK national parks they set about creating a modern interior. What does the union the traditional facade and minimalist style looks very harmoniously.

the most beautiful houses in the world

the most beautiful houses

7. A huge house for $ 11 million

Impressive not only the cost, but also the scale of this mansion. Six bedrooms, several living rooms, open and closed terraces – there is definitely something to see here.

beautiful private houses

home interior design

8. Stunning wooden house in the mountains

Well, who does not dream of relaxing in a chalet somewhere in the mountains? The owners of such a dream can be safely called lucky.

beautiful country houses

design of a country house

9. Beautiful house on the Muskoka Lake

Coastal houses always carry a special charm. This house located in Ontario, Canada, right on the shore of the lake to which leads a stone path. The interior of the house is filled with marine motifs, thanks to which you want to forget about everyday hustle and bustle relax.

facade of the house

design of the house outside

10. A cozy house in Canada

This classic representative of the most beautiful houses the world is the best fit for completing today’s collections of beautiful homes.

Do not forget that thoughts are material, so dream about most bold! We hope this TOP 10 inspired you to do this!

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