TOP 10 interiors 2017: the best of the year

At the end of the year, it is customary to take stock, and we decided to collect own TOP 10 interiors that were published in the magazine GD-Home for 2017.

Here you will find houses and apartments whose design is full of beautiful details. As usual, a link is attached to each photo by clicking on which you can consider a particular project. Harder for us all it was to make a choice, as select 10 out of 100 published interiors turned out to be almost beyond of the possible. Disputes, persuasions and compromises have done their job?

Best interiors for 2017

Predicted Feeling After Watching: How add comfort to your home as soon as possible.

Consequence: At best, new candles and blanket, at worst – new repair.

P.S .: And do not say that we are not warned!

Interior of the week: cozy design of the kitchen (10 sq. M)

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The collection will be opened by a beautiful Scandinavian-style kitchen called Chocolat. This cozy interior is filled with many details that create such a charming atmosphere. Studio LABORATORY 22 complemented the Scandinavian design with a pale blue color, and that seems like a great solution.

Scandinavian cuisine

Scandinavian style cuisine

28.8 sq. M. m happiness or how to equip a one-room an apartment

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Create a cozy and functional design for 28.8 square meters. m the task is not from simple ones. At the same time, designer Maria Dadiani managed to equip an isolated bedroom, a small living room and kitchen. Interior studio apartment is decorated in a modern classic style. If you liked the photo of the apartment, in the article we We talk about the design principles used by the designer, and we take apart the apartment literally “piece by piece”.

studio apartment design

Wooden house in the middle of the Swiss Alps

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Located in a ski resort, this modern a wooden house looks great in the middle of traditional Swiss chalet. Surrounded by the Alps, it offers its owner an excellent shelter from the bustle of the city. Who would refuse a weekend in such place? By the way, the rental price in this area is about 100 – $ 200. Don’t want to ski in the coming holidays ?!

modern wooden house

beautiful house

Beautiful house of the head of Ikea in Spain

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The head of the world famous company decided to show his family nest in Spain, decorated for the New Year holidays. IN the interior has so many beautiful details. You just look at Christmas tree!

home decor for the new year

christmas decor

Small but comfortable attic apartment (33 sq. M.)

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The interior of this tiny apartment is decorated in a delicate style. Provence, plus there are vintage notes that add romance design. The apartment is located in the attic, but this the fact does not prevent her from looking stylish and attractive. Even, on the contrary, beams and a pitched ceiling bring their own zest.

attic apartment

cozy living room photo

House in harmony with nature from Bribi

(link to the article)

A selection of the top 10 best interiors could not take place without minimalism modern house. Such a sleek design now migrates around the world, especially in popularity he used in warm countries where it is possible to install panoramic glazing and sliding panels to combine garden and interior space as a whole.

modern house minimalism

luxury home

Stylish apartment with French charm (73 sq. M.)

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Three-room apartment is decorated in a classic style with herringbone flooring and a wide frieze on the ceiling. Wherein the interior has a French charm, manifested in detail. White walls became the perfect backdrop for colorful furniture and black accents. The author of the project Anna Kolpakova-Sanasaryan competently set accents, thereby achieving a very light and elegant design that you want to consider and consider. For those, who are looking for an idea to design a dressing room in a small bedroom, will It is interesting to look at the solution in this project.

beautiful apartment interior

small kitchen photo

Leonardo DiCaprio: apartment tour

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TOP 10 could not do without the elegant design of the wolf with Wall Straight. For this chic four-room apartment, $ 10 was earned million, and only after Leonardo decided to sell it, reporters got access to the apartment photo. Now after such a famous The owner price for this property is likely to skyrocket.

apartment of leonardo di caprio

home office design

Project of the week: a large house in the style of minimalism

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Large spacious house from Los Angeles from Amit Apel Studio Design is impressive not only in size, but also in its simplicity. White walls combined with wood and black details create elegant interior complemented by beautiful hanging fixtures.

facade of a modern house

luxurious bathroom

Flawless design apartment from Turkey

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Bright, juicy, full of life – these are the words that break the tongue when you first meet this apartment. Having looked closely, you can understand what kind of impression create pictures and murals in living room, and the design itself is quite concise. Escape Studios from Sofa managed to arrange an interior in which it will be possible to relax and recharge your batteries. What more could you want from home decor?

stylish apartment interior

  1. Oceanfront Dream House
  5. Cuboid Modernist Home by Panorama + Wmr Architects
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