Vintage store on wheels

This is the most original vintage store we have ever had. had a chance to see. Here you can find anything: chairs, lamps, baskets, spoons, books – literally everything! Kara and her husband Timofey travel around Australia and sell unique vintage items. Them the main assistant is Frankie van (this name he received from the new owners) was released in 1956 and after almost fifty years got a new life.


Cara Rosenlund is a popular Australian blogger and photographer. She started as an editorial and advertising photographer, and soon became the youngest person to win the AIPP title Photographer of the Year ”from the Canon Campaign. Today her work included in many prestigious exhibitions around the world. Kara a lot traveled and worked in Europe, thanks to which she discovered love of interior and things that have their own story. She seriously carried away by vintage, and began to collect and restore different amazing little things. This girl just loves beautiful household items. Kara decided to share her findings with others by people. That is why she and her husband embodied the idea of ​​traveling a store that allowed them to do what they love and travel. Spouses are often in Sydney, so if you will be there, you have every chance to meet Frankie! And remember that who told you about him. P. S .: Gifts we are very love?


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