Eclecticism in Scandinavian design

The combination of different styles in one interior is always interesting. Bright eclecticism adds color to the calm Scandinavian style, so this union is especially attractive. Take a look at this modern penthouse and you will understand. Apartment occupies two floors and is located in a six-story building in 1895 the buildings. The total area is 120 square meters. m. High ceilings and Hi-tech elements make the interior modern and stylish. However, light walls, oak floors and wooden elements add coziness and warmth. Lightweight, airy design contributes good mood. The apartment has several bedrooms, the main of which has access to a sunny terrace. Second floor may boast of open space. You will not find here partitions and doors, only conditional zoning to the kitchen, dining room and living room with fireplace. By the way, the fireplace has a non-standard construction. I think open fire and cracking firewood create a truly mesmerizing atmosphere. I hope you will like it!

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