Sewing case: master class

Such an organizer is the subject of dreams of girls involved handmade. I think no one will refuse a well-packaged and staffed assistant, which is convenient to take wherever you want. Needlework in the kitchen, in the living room, in the nursery or in the yard in the country – no question, all the little things and the need can always be taken with you. In order to do it, you need to have the “right” hands, well or a big desire! Your mom’s mom, part-time blogger Vanessa from Michigan was driven by the desire to organize her tools and materials for sewing, which now and then lay not on its place. The idea to use an old suitcase came up immediately after buying it in an antique store. Of course, we could not help but share her idea and work!

old suitcase

What you need: – a suitcase – cardboard – paint – fabric – knife / scissors – glue gun – elastic

old suitcases

Occupation is not quite difficult, but requiring perseverance. For first you need to get rid of the old lining by cutting it with a knife or scissors. This point will largely depend on the type the suitcase itself. Having tidied the lining well, you need to re- to glue or paint it. Vanessa used cardboard sheets, which was covered with beautiful fabric, which became the main emphasis in design. In the lid on the sides of the cardboard she used fabric roses, below – she used only paint.

from an old suitcase

Do the reconstruction of your suitcase, starting from it characteristics, quality and your preferences. As holders It is very convenient to use an elastic band. To do this, do holes in cardboard and cloth, insert metal things there  (I have no idea what they are called) so that the fabric does not tear (they sold in sewing stores). Please if anyone is aware of the name of these “stuff”, please inform in the comments. I hope this idea is useful to someone! Good alterations!

old ideas suitcase

old suitcase restoration

old suitcase decor


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