Design a house from a log: a beautiful project

Log house design: a beautiful project

This log house has an area of ​​only 37 square meters. m together with a veranda – 79 square meters. m, but a modest area does not stop him from seeming so cozy.

It is used as a weekend cottage for the family of designer Natalia Sorokina, who was engaged in its design. Family originally planned to live here when the main house will be built on the site, but in the end, together with two daughters, the couple arrives here only on vacation.

Log house design

Country style kitchen

Design of a wooden house

We build a house from a log: safety precautions

Wooden houses have several specific requirements. safety precautions. First of all, it concerns communications: for water supply and sewage it is necessary to use pipes from plastic that prevents the formation of condensation. It will protect wooden surfaces from the effects of high humidity.

If you plan to lay hidden electrical wiring, then it should be mounted in special metal sleeves or pipes. If the wiring is open, then special plastic boxes, matched to the color and overall design picture, protect against problems with electricity and complement the look of the room.

Interior design of a wooden house

Log home design

Home Design Inside

Interior design of a wooden house

Design of a summer residence inside

Interior: what style to choose?

Having emerged as an architectural style of small mountain houses, which were built by shepherds and local residents of alpine villages, chalets took root in modern society. The same can be said of country style.

  • The abundance of natural light and wood are the basis of wooden houses

  • A fireplace in the living room, which can be combined with the kitchen and the dining room, gives the home a real rustic comfort. it can be both inside and outside the house – in the second case, you get a place for friendly gatherings in the fresh air.

    You can decorate the fireplace with a stone, and the surface itself made of metal, granite or marble. As a stylization a less expensive option would be ceramic tile, outwardly reminiscent of a stone. Provide a niche or stand for firewood. Even the look of neatly stacked firewood next to the fireplace will make the picture even warmer.

  • For flooring it’s better to use a wide board, polished and varnished or painted.

  • For walls, do not use drywall and any other coating, as wood is a building material self-sufficient and does not require much effort to design.

  • The ceiling can be covered with clapboard, or left untouched form.

Interior design of the house

Home interior design

Do-it-yourself home design

Wooden house design

Interior design of a private house

The interior of country houses

Cottage Design

Cottage Design

Design of a country house

Beautiful kitchen

Apron in the kitchen

Apron in the kitchen

Lemonade in the kitchen


Bath in the house

Bathhouse in the house photo

By the way, almost 14 square meters. m in the house is a bath and shower.

Design of houses outside and inside

Facade of a log house

Plan of a one-story bath house

Plan of a one-story house-bath

Sandbox in the yard

Sandbox in the yard

Veranda at home

Veranda by the house


Veranda decoration

Terrace photo

Mistress and designer all rolled into one

Cat in the country

Beautiful terrace

Country house

Table on the terrace

Landscaping of a summer residence

Landscaping of a summer residence

Garden Design

Garden design

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